Why freshwater biodiversity is important
not just for humans

A friend forwarded an article titled “People need freshwater biodiversity: Nine reasons freshwater biodiversity is important for humans, Sent: Sunday, May 21, 2023 at 10:31:40 PM EDT

The article is published on the Global Water Forum and I am sure you will have an easy time finding it.

What I find so absolutely outrageous about the articles is that there is one problem mentioned after another with fresh water…but none of them take the bull really by the horn. And most certainly to presume that water biodiversity is only important for Humans seems a bit presumptuous.

The planetary Society for Bionomic Renewal – terra-ngo.preview-domain.com is the only organization talking about tackling one of the largest sources of anthropogenic emissions, our wastewater and its rehabilitation to increase the flow of fresh rehabilitated water a thousand fold.

ALL LIFE on our planet depends on the life blood of biodiverse bionomictm rehabilitated water.

It should be made law that every municipality make use of existing technology that let water be rehabilitated and in the warmer climates at a financial gain at that.

We have know about these technologies and methodologies for a long time, yet personally I find it very frustrating to continue to note that constant fearmongering is preferred instead of putting together actual economically viable long-term solutions.

It is high time we changed that on a global scale.

Contact us to partner for a sustainable long term solution for your community no matter what its size.

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