wastewater resource recovery – bionomic conversion of municipal wastewater & organic effluent into community gold.

From Wastewater Treatment to Bionomictm Resource Recovery

The talk of the town is “From wastewater Treatment to Resource Recovery”

Since Assyrian times mankind has attempted to deal with its own wastewater in a multitude of ways. Virtually no significant advances were made until finally in the late 19th and early 20th centuries a German scientist and civil engineer, Karl Imhoff, put his mind to the problem and developed the techniques and technologies for structured wastewater control, management, and treatment that we use today.

These current Imhoff technologies to a good job of addressing the key issues that wastewater and particularly municipal wastewater present:

  • elimination of pathogens.
  • elimination of odors.
  • elimination of suspended particles also called TSS.
  • limited elimination of certain dissolved nutrients by chemical means.

This was “state of the art” until German-Canadian researcher-inventor Nils Semmler put his mind to the problem and identified and developed bionomic processes for resource recovery from wastewater that we can use to process our municipal wastewater with significant benefits over existing treatment methods, including a 75% reduction in the cost, an almost complete reduction of the emissions of methane and nitrogen compounds currently released by wastewater treatment into the atmosphere as well as the recovery of one barrel of oil for every 3,000 M³ of wastewater processed. The water discharged into the environment is rehabilitated, shows an oxygen content of 6mg/l and contains no chemicals that might pollute or aggravate downstream biology.

Directly proportional in volume to population and its growth, we know wastewater streams have become larger and more complex than they were during Imhoff’s time. In addition wastewaters, particularly Human effluent produce significant greenhouse gases including methane.

Technologies and methodologies exist to qualify as well as quantify emissions originating from municipal wastewater treatment plants, which will permit to implement new bionomictm technologies and practices to mitigate those emissions an eliminate focal pollution points.

Additionally substances dissolved in the discharged waters typically have a far downstream effect in the form of algae blooms, disappearance of biodiversity and finally: eutrophication and death of living things in the water.

In our estimation gaseous emissions from municipal wastewater treatment plants seriously contribute to climate change. In addition, current forced air treatment technologies vaporize fecal matter and introduce them directly into the atmosphere. In Mexico city alone, 13 metric tons of fecal matter are vaporized directly into the atmosphere due to the forced aeration of fecal matter in the first steps of conventional treatment on a daily basis. This in addition to GHG and precursor emissions due to open basin treatment.

Bionomictm wastewater management and rehabilitation is the one area where we can make significant inroads very quickly to reduce Human emissions as well as our environmental footprint.

Bionomic processing converts a municipal problem into community gold by resource recovery.
We consider this one of the most important cornerstones on the path to sustainable and prosperous communities.

The Planetary Society for Bionomic Renewal – terra.ngo, a Delaware registerd 501(c)3 public interest charity, has made it its business to provide any and all businesses and municipalties with the technology and know-how to upgrade their municipal wastewater treatment facilities to make them resource recovery installations. Some of the details are published on these internet pages.

We invite all levels of governments of all nations to make use of our offer.

Together with our expertise we can establish a path forward for you to clean up global anthropogenic emissions from wastewaters, recover all resource potentials from wastewater and reduce every citizens environmental footprint correctly – after all – is that not what part of municipal taxes and water usage fees are paid for?

Write us how we can best work together. As first steps we jointly advance a project plan which will have a sound economic basis including the climate change effect as well resource recovery potentials.

Work with us to convert a municipal problem to community gold by converting from conventional old wastewater treatment to modern day bionomictm resource recovery processing.

You can write us to: contact[at]terra.ngo or use our contact form.


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