The planetary society for Bionomic Renewal – terra.ngo is a Delaware registered domestic not for profit corporation for the benefit of terra – our planet – and all life on Earth. We are a 501(c)3 registered charity  organization. The planetary Society for Planetary Renewal – terra.ngo is entirely privately funded and depends on donations to carry out our work. We are not affiliated with any political organization nor any specialty interest group.

Our Vision is to be the global knowledge hub to enable and assist planetary bionomictm renewal for the benefit, sustainable perpetuity and advancement of all life on terra. 

BIONOMIC : From Ancient Greek βίος bíos, “life” and nomos, Greek: “law,” and “order”

Our Mission is to investigate, record, classify, and store knowledge about bionomictm cycles; to teach, educate, promote, and foster systems, methods, methodologies, and practices that make all life on earth thrive sustainably and harmoniously in perpetuity. To achieve a complete bionomic renewal of terra.

At terra.ngo – The Planetary Society for Bionomictm Renewal – we provide cornerstone knowledge and expertise to enable creation of safe communities with technology and know – how for production of renewable fuels & energy from sustainable sources, wastewater resource recovery & rehabilitation, fresh potable water and healthy foods. Always keeping in mind our duties as stewards of our planet. We advocate bionomictm sustainable technologies and practices at the service of the entire planet – not just a few humans.

We consider the primary cornerstones for sustainable, healthy and prosperous development and stewardship to be:

  • wastewater resource recovery and bionomictm rehabilitation of effluents.
  • renewable & sustainable fuel and energy production.
  • mitigation and elimination of GHG and precursor emissions.
  • self sustainable circular agricultural and acuicultural practices on the path towards sustainable & environmentally sound healthy food production.

You will find various references on our site regarding wastewater resource recovery using our integrated bionomictm wastewater processing system that recovers and captures all available resources potentials converting them into value added products that reduce or eliminate operational costs depending on latitude location of your community or project. We invite you to spends time with us online looking over the published information.

Our primary concern is the incredible amount of water that is discarded as wastewater in communities without proper resource recover nor rehabilitation. Thanks to our accumulated knowledge we can assist all existing wastewater treatment plants to become bionomictm resource recovery facilities.

Our integrated bioniomictm systems approach has produced know-how, technologies and methodologies that  process  wastewaters to rehabilitated oxygen enriched water and recover all possible resource potentials for bionomictm production of economic valuable co-products.

Knowledge that has been tried and tested on three continents. Knowledge used by governments, communities and private enterprises in developed nations since 1997.

Our wastewater resource recovery process is described in more detail here.

We aim to bring our knowledge and know-how not just to developed nations but also to the poorest of places on this planet, places that most need to rehabilitate wastewater and improve sanitary conditions, produce renewable fuels & energy and healthy foods to create the cornerstones for safe and prosperous communities.

We are also involved in pushing the envelope in certain areas and have slated outside of the conventional box topics such as truly sustainable transportation and energy systems based on hydrogen, solar power as well as methane also known as natural gas for further investigations and research. 

Contact us to find out more, how you can become a member or how you can work with us or how we can help you to become a driving force on the path of true sustainability.

You can use our contact form or write us direct to contact@terra.ngo with your concerns and find out how we can work with your community to lay its first cornerstones on its path towards sustainability and prosperity .

We hope you enjoy your visit to our site and find it productive! 

Talk soon.

With best wishes – “Live long and prosper”
The Planetary Society for Bionomictm Renewal – terra.ngo
March, 2023

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