Renewable fuels & energy, clean potable water and healthy foods are the quintessential cornerstones to safe communities.

These are relatively “easy” to achieve for communities with resources to begin with. But what about those communities that are resource poor?

As a result not only do they lack the basic resources most of us take for granted, but they also have to to deal with sickness due to sanitary conditions unheard of in developed countries.

What if we can combine bionomictm urban wastewater processing and rehabilitation with circular zero waste agricultural production to achieve an overall bionomictm fully sustainable economic system?

The first item on the agenda will be to achieve a bionomictm processing system with all its benefits.

bionomic wastewater processing and rehabilitation

The second would be to establish a cropping and crop rotation system in-sync with given climate and soil conditions geared towards the whole community.

food web farming bionomic organic agriculture
The resulting community is virtually fuel and energy independent and capable of producing the majority of its own healthy food.

Our current directors have successfully implemented systems like this in the past in small rural communities that were at the brink of dying.

The starting point in all cases is the bionomic upgrade of wastewater infrastructure. In most cases this can be financed as a green project because benefits include direct emission reductions and Carbon credits.

If you would like to know how to make your community sustainable, how to work with us and benefit from over twenty years experience in the field and combined experience of over a hundred years, write us to contact[at]

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