Department of Energy Announces $29 Million to Drive Feedstock Innovation for Clean Energy Production

We are seeking partners to approach the DOE and its Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy to prepare and file a concept paper based on our Complete Bionomic Wastewater Processing Technology and subsequent full proposal to the DOE in responses to their call for proposals.

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Our bionomic process for wastewater management not only reduces GHG and precursor emissions, it also reduces energy requirements and produces as part of the water rehabilitation approximately one barrel (119 liters or 0.119 cubic meters or 31.5 US gallons) of renewable fuel oil for each 800,000 gallons (3,000 cubic meters or 3,000,000 liters) of wastewater processed.

The direct green sustainable clean energy production in a bionomic processing plant are approximately 1 kWh of clean energy production for every pound (lb) of organic matter that enters the bionomic processing plant.

To see a complete list of sustainable benefits our bionomic processing has we invite you to take a closer look at the graphical representations of the differences between wastewater treatment and bionomic processing explained in detail in our paper mentioned above titled Bionomic Processing vs. Treatment of Wastewater.

bionomic wastewater processing and rehabilitation
conventional wastewater treatment

On the output side of bionomic processing you can appreciate the value products we create by following nature´s pathways enhanced by using specifically designed hardware.

F.Y.I : The average municipal wastewater flowrate per day and capita is 200 l (or 0.2 cubic meters or 52.83 US gallons.

dense micro-algae culture produced from clarified municipal wastewater
micro-algae culture from clarified wastewater

Using the above mentioned numbers anybody can calculate the potential production as well as the positive economic, social and environmental benefits.

We completed basic research to arrive at those numbers between the years 2007 and 2014.

From our work we believe that island states and nations can benefit the most from our technology, know-how, methodologies and expertise. Countries and municipalities in developing nations also stand to gain substantially from green investment funds.

It is time to do a full size complete bionomic wastewater processing plant and we look forward to hearing from you, and your municipality to setup a partnership.

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